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United Fresh Produce Association

If You Know Stacy, You Know United
Alpine Fresh's Stacy Spivey Finds Value Networking with United Members

Stacy Spivey

David Larkin

From Mexico to Canada, Stacy Spivey is coordinating grower production on berries. As director of North American grower management development for Alpine Fresh, Stacy is working to ensure a consistent supply of berries from his roster of numerous growers. 

"There are so many variables in the produce industry from the growing of the product all the way through to the actual sale," he says. "In farming, if it rains, if there's a labor shortage or there's not proper management of the plants, then the schedule is affected. There are so many things that can go wrong. Dealing with all these variables is a huge part of my job. It's tough matching volume from growers to buyers."


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