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David Larkin
Giro Pack, Inc.

Larkin highlights role of packaging in delivering safe produce.

Since 2002, David Larkin has been offering solutions that help people and companies become more successful, and has been ever mindful of the role that food safety plays in meeting that goal. As General Manager of Giro Pack, Inc., Larkin has established the company as a force to be reckoned with in the domestic market and has incorporated food safety and traceability as key priorities.

Based in Georgia, Giro Pack offers net packaging for apples, onions, citrus, avocados, onions, stone fruit and potatoes, including weighing and bagging equipment. Larkin explained that these packaging items are consistent with FDA standards and considers the interrelatedness of traceability, allowing the ability to print traceability information on each package. “We also equip our bags with extra measures to protect food safety. Our sealing indicates if it has been opened, to protect our packers from someone swapping produce from one bag to another or mixing product from other lot numbers that could possibility be contaminated. As the industry continues to deal with issues of contaminated produce retailers will continue to see value in our packaging options and I see the industry being progressive to improve checks and balances.”

Giro Pack has been expanding their business through United Fresh with more than 20 years of membership. The company will exhibit at United Fresh 2013, as it has for the last two decades. Larkin noted that the show is a valuable platform to reach customers along the entire supply chain, from grower-shippers to retailers. “We specialize in the elimination of labor, increasing efficiency, and improving output of consumer packaging program. I am proud to be part of a team that I consider to be the best in the produce packaging industry, and the United Fresh show is a great opportunity to demonstrate that to our customers.” It’s to this team that Larkin attributes his success and knows that their commitment to the company will keep it afloat through unexpected challenges.

Larkin lives on the coast of Georgia with his wife and three children and enjoys boating, fishing and golfing with family and friends. 

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